Open PDF File Extension – What is .pdf & How to Open it?


File Name Portable Document Format aka’ PDF
Developed By Adobe
Category Portable Document File
File Format .pdf
MIME Type text/x-pdf



Identifying Characters ASCII- %PDF-1

HEX- 25 50 44 46 2D 31 2E

PDF File

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a mostly used document extension to share read-only documents over the Internet. PDF extension files can have text, images, hyperlinks, interactive buttons/icons, embedded fonts, videos, and more. Basically, PDF files are used for distributing documents like eBooks, user manuals, application forms, academic papers, legal cases files, agreements, resumes, bank e-statements and school homework and scanned documents, etc. Files with .pdf suffix related to the most popular format to save large text and picture documents.

Adobe created PDF files in the 1990s to make users able to open the documents on any operating System and any hardware without requiring to have the app used to create them. PDF documents basically used for saving documents in a standard format that can be viewed independently on any OS and software.

PDF documents is created using Adobe Acrobat software or by with the help of a software application that has Acrobat plugin such as Microsoft Word / Adobe Photoshop. PDF file format is useful for keeping fonts/formatting across different devices like Computer, Laptops, Mobiles and showing its contents on screen electronically the same way as they appear when printed using a printer. They look the same no matter which device you are opening.

How to open/view a PDF Document

Viewing a PDF File on Windows Operating System

The most common application used to open and view a portable document file is Adobe Acrobat Reader. As we know already Adobe is the creator of PDF file so Adobe also developed the programs to open these files. You can download the pdf reader from Adobe’s official website.

List of software available on the Internet to open PDF Files

  • Foxit Reader
  • SumatraPDF
  • MuPDF
  • Foxit Reader
  • Javelin PDF Reader
  • PDF- Xchange Editor
  • Nitro Reader

Viewing a PDF extension File on Mac Operating System 

Ohh! So you are an Apple Macintosh user. Don’t worry, actually, Mac OS has an inbuilt feature named “Preview” to open document file with pdf suffix (Read-Only).

Steps to open PDF document using Preview feature

  • Open Finder and select the desired .pdf file.
  • Double-tap the specific file, you will have the content of the file in “Preview”. If you have enabled it as a default pdf reader for your mac.
  • On the other hand, you have to right-click the pdf document, then Highlight Open with and click the Preview option from the dropdown menu.

How to see PDF Extension File using installed Software

PDF Expert is the best pdf document reader that you can install on your Apple computer or laptop. Just select this software as your default program to open portable document reader files.

Steps to watch Portable Document Files using PDF Expert or Other Software

  • Launch
  • Locate the file you want to open and select
  • Click and Hold cmd+i.

List of PDF Reader for Mac

  • Adobe Reader for Mac
  • PDFElement
  • PDF Reader
  • PDF Professional
  • Skim
  • iSkysoft PDF Editor

Viewing a PDF File on Android Operating System

Google’s Android Platform comes up with built in-app to open PDF Files just like we used to Open APK File. You can also install apps available on the play store of Android OS.

List of apps for Android Devices

  • Acrobat Adobe Reader
  • PDF Reader App
  • WPS Office

The easiest way to Open a PDF File: Use a web browser

If you don’t want to install any new software application to see PDF File. The web browser you are using is capable of showing a PDF File, and the process of viewing pdf on the browser is same on Mac as well as on Windows.

Steps to open a PDF File

  • Select the .pdf file you wanted to see
  • Right-Click on selected file and highlight “Open With”
  • Now select browse like Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • ASA you select the browser the PDF document will open.


Viewing a PDF File Online

If you don’t want to download and install any new program to PC. You have options to open PDF files online on the web.

Steps to open PDF document online

  • Navigate to the Address bar of the browser.
  • Type or or any search engine you use.
  • Type “Open PDF Online”
  • Hit Enter
  • You have multiple results. Just choose any.

For Example:-


  1. Navigate to
  2. On this page, you have to use the option “Select File” or “Drag and Drop” your file.
  3. Just select or drop your file in the specific windows and click upload.

You can also use Google drive to pdf files. You just need to upload the desired PDF file to google drive and after uploading just click upload file it will open automatically start to show preview. There will you see an option in the middle of the windows of the browser there you have options to open the same file with Google Docs / Lumin PDF and much more. There you can also edit the pdf file.

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