Let’s know what is this all fuss about all files that everybody keep talking about? You might have overheard some saying that if you don’t find the application on Google Play Store then why don’t you download the apk and use the app. So let’s know all that is there to open an APK file.

 The files that have APK as an extension are usually application files that used to store or install any application mainly on your Android phone. Usually, we never have to deal with APK files because these files are dealt with by the Google play store. These apps are downloaded through the Google play store. However, when you download an APK file, you have to manually install the same, whereas the APK downloaded from the play store does not need manual installation.

The APK files are for sure available on the Google Play Store, but some websites provide you with direct APK files that can be downloaded manually. Before downloading such APIs, one must be careful because such APK files may contain malware. This malware can affect your phone or computer in different ways and might affect its efficiency or smooth functioning.

For Android, we have APK extensions to install the apps while in windows .exe extension files are in existence to install the application. These .exe files are similar with the .apk files.

How to open an apk in Android OS


It is the most simple thing to do. You can install or open apk files just like any other files. Before this, you have to download the required file from the source available. You must make sure that the source, from where you are downloading this apk file must be trustworthy and must not contain any malware or this may affect your phone.

In addition to the above instructions, when you download an apk file from other sources apart from Google Play Store, you might be restricted to install such app from unknown sources. To get past this, you can allow your phone to install apps from unknown sources. Firstly, go to Settings>Security>check the unknown sources box>then click OK. This will allow you to install apk files from unknown sources.

How to open apk files on windows

Open APK File

In windows usually, everyone goes with .exe files. You can, however, install apk files with the help of Android Studio or BlueStacks. These applications will help you install apk files on your windows. You have to follow the instructions carefully.


How to open an apk file on iOS

open APK File on iOS

Technically, you cannot install or open apk file in any iOS device. The iOS devices are built with different configurations and do not support the apk files. Android and iOS are different operating systems and files from one operating system are not compatible with others.


What does an APK file comprise of?

The first and the most primary thing that exists in the apk is the META-INF. This file includes the manifest file, a list of resources in the archive, and a signature. There are also raw resource files that a developer bundles with the app and these files are assets/. There are.ARSC file that has compiled resources such as strong that is used by the app to function.

The .DEX file is moreover a part of this apk file. This file has complied with Java classes that are to be run on the device.

How to open APK files?

To open an APK file, you must know that the apk files are saved in .zip format. This means they are saved in compressed form which can be opened by Zip decompression. So in case if you want to explore and look into the contents of the .apk files, you can rename the file with a .zip extension. Doing this, the file will be converted into a zip file and can be decompressed with the help of Zip decompression. This is how you can view the contents of the APK file.

This is exactly what you need to know when you have to install apk from an external source. Just make sure that you trust the source because it might come with some malware. This can cause trouble and might affect the functionality of your Android phone or computer.

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