What is an .MP3 File and How to Open it?

.MP3 file extension

.MP3 file extension is designed to save the audio files. Know more through the guide below. Originator Moving Picture Experts Group Format Binary Type Audio Files Ratings 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.2 What is an .MP3 File Extension? MP3 file is introduced by the Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG. You can use the file to save the … Read more

.HEIC File Extension : How do I Open a .HEIC File?

.HEIC file extension

.HEIC File Extension – High Efficiency Image File Format Originator Moving Picture Experts Group Ratings 🌟🌟🌟 3.6 Format Text Category Raster Image Files What is a .HEIC File Extension? HEIC is a file extension available on iOS devices. The format is designed to store images in a smaller size. However, it is an iOS extension … Read more

What is MP4 File Extension? & How you Play it? – (Quick Guide)

MP4 File Extension

Have you ever noticed files having MP4 File Extension? These files require specific software to play them. If you’re not familiar with this extension then this post will help you understand and access the MP4 file without any trouble. So let’s begin. Introduction Of MP4 File Extension The MP4 abbreviates “MPEG-4 Part-14” and it’s intended … Read more

Open .EPS File Extension

.EPS file extension

The post is based on .EPS file extension. Read it thoroughly to know about this file type. Originator Adobe Systems Ratings 🌟🌟🌟 3.7 Format Text Category Vector Image Files How to Define an .EPS file Extension? An EPS file or .EPS file extension depicts the Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file format. It helps in creating bitmap … Read more

XLS File Extension – What is it & How to open XLS Format? (Quick Guide)

XLS File Extension

Ever encounter the XLS File Extension and got no idea about it? Today we’ll provide you with a complete introduction to the XLS file type and the procedure to launch it. So, let’s begin. Quick Introduction To XLS File Extension The XLS file format was introduced by Microsoft to work with the Microsoft Excel application … Read more