How to Open Google Docs File [A Full Guide]

.GDOC file extension is a short form for the document placed within Google Drive.

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What is a .GDOC file Extension?


.GDOC file extension

.GDOC file extension represents all the files located inside Google drive. The developer of the format is none other than Google. The file uses your Gmail account and a reference to the document to open and create the document. Google docs contain cloud accessibility that enables the user to access the file anytime and anywhere. 

.GDOC File Extension : Full Description

Google docs enable the user to create backup and access the files on Mac and Windows operating systems. The user is only required to register the Google user for accessing the files as GDOC does not allow any disk space. 

It should be noted that GDOC files cannot cross the limit of 50 MB and 102 million characters. Also, the images need to be saved as PNG, GIF, and JPEG. Cloud server enables the user to open Google documents.

Instead of saving the copies of files, the drive works for creating the original backups. Google Sheets, Google Workspace, Google Docs, and Google Slides are applications with worldwide users. 

These files are Drive for Desktop shortcuts that provide user access to the Google Workspace programs. The drive for desktop stores the shortcut file that launches the associate file with double-clicking. 

GDOC format helps in generating the web files as Internet shortcuts. Different Web-browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari provide support Google Docs. Thus, provide access to the .GDOC files. 

You can also understand the GDOC file as a JSON file that consists of the document’s URL, ID, and the name of your Gmail account. 

Important: The files have been first built by the Backup and Sync. But, Drive for Desktop has replaced it in October 2021.

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 How to access the GDOC File?

You can access the GDOC file from the Google drive app and Chrome OS device. Just make sure to open any of them. Thereafter, open the GDOC file referred to in Google Docs. If you have not signed in then make sure to do it for accessing the related docs files. 

If somehow you cannot access the Docs file then try out any of the ways provided below. 

  • Try to use any text editor to find out the document ID, URL, and Gmail account-related information. 
  • Also, copy the file’s URL and paste it to the address bar to open the document. This way you will definitely get access to the Google document. 

You can check out the table of compatible programs to use while opening the file. 

Supporting Programs

Linux Any Text Editor
Windows Google Drive for Desktop

Any Text Editor

Chrome OS Any Text Editor
Mac  Google Drive for Desktop

Any Text Editor

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