.HEIC File Extension : How do I Open a .HEIC File?

.HEIC File Extension – High Efficiency Image File Format

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What is a .HEIC File Extension?

.HEIC file

HEIC is a file extension available on iOS devices. The format is designed to store images in a smaller size. However, it is an iOS extension but you can use it on other operating systems too. The images can be saved as .heif and .heic file extensions. 

More Facts on .HEIC File Extension

Apple has introduced it in the year 2017. HEIC format has been gaining popularity since its launch. Not only it provides a format for the images but brings smaller file sizes, better quality, and support for HDR. 

Users around the world prefer to use this file format for reducing the amount of space taken by pictures. It becomes very challenging to access the format on devices rather than the iOS. Therefore, Google enables the HEIF support on Android and Microsoft follows the same for Windows. 

But, it is not built-in there. The user must go through the Microsoft Store to install the HEIF Image Extensions and HEVC Video Extension packages. Well, the photo with .heic file extensions would be saved only on iOS devices. That means it turns into original format JPEG or others once shared to different applications and devices. 

In case the user wants to save the photos as JPEG rather than the HEIC extension, then, move towards the steps below: 

  • Access your iOS devices. 
  • Visit the “Settings or gear” icon there. 
  • Now, choose “Camera”. 
  • Select “Formats”
  • Thereafter, click on Most “Compatible”. 

The photos now will be saved as JPEGs only. 

IMPORTANT: HEIC file format is also available in digital cameras. 

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How to access a HEIC File?

Visit the “Apple photos” section to access and view the HEIC photos. If you want to expand the HEIC file then select “Apple Preview”. 

On Windows

The user is first required to open the Microsoft store. From there, find the following “Microsoft HEIF Image Extensions and HEVC Video Extensions packages”. Try to install it on your system. You will be asked to provide the user fee. Now, just open the HEIC file and change the formats if want. 

On Android

Google photos enable you to access the HEIC file on Android, Web, and Chrome OS. 

Can I convert a HEIC file to another image format?

Yes, you can easily convert a HEIC file to another image format. Just use the applications below and start conversion. 

  • File Viewer Plus (Windows)
  • Luma: HEIF Viewer and Converter (Android)
  • Apple Preview (Mac)
  • HEIC Image Viewer Decoder (Web, Chrome OS)
  • Apple Photos (Mac)

NOTE: Cloud-based applications like Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox can transform the HEIC files into JPG.


iOS Google Photos

Adobe Premiere Rush

Apple Photos


Google Drive

Chrome OS Google Photos

HEIC Image Viewer Decoder

Mac Adobe Photoshop 2021

XnViewMP, iMazing HEIC Converter, Gimp

Apple Preview

TunesBro HEIC Converter

Apple Photos

Adobe Premiere Rush

Android HEIF Viewer and Converter

Google Photos

File Viewer for Android


Adobe Premiere Rush

Web HEIC Image Viewer Decoder

Google Drive


Google Photos

Windows TunesBro HEIC Converter

HEIF Image Extensions and HEVC Video Extensions Packages


File Viewer Plus


Adobe Premiere Rush

Linux XnViewMP


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