What is an INDD File and Steps to Open it?

.INDD file extension is an Adobe InDesign graphic file.

Originator Adobe Systems
Format N/A
Type Page Layout Files
Ratings 🌟🌟🌟 3.5

What is an .INDD file Extension?


.indd file extension

.INDD file extension contains the files that are used to produce newspapers, flyers, store books, magazines, brochures, webpage, and mobile mockups. Adobe designs it for the print and digital industries. Also, the INDD file extension stores files and formatting information. These files can be found with .INDD extension on your operating system. 

More on .INDD File Extension

Adobe InDesign automatically builds the INDD file to store the page layout project. If you want to make an INDD file then head towards the “File”. Choose “New” and then click on “Document”. Make sure to modify the document. 

Once done, tap on the “File” and “Save As” option. Now the file is successfully saved. That means you can easily close, edit and relaunch it as the INDD file type

If you want to convert the file extension from INDD to .EPUB, .PDF, and .JPEG then make sure to choose the “File” and “Export” tab. Now, let’s get into another segment and learn how you can access the INDD file. 

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How to access an INDD file?

The user needs to first ensure that the Windows and macOS have Adobe InDesign to open the file. After that, hit the File > Open button. You can also double-click on the file to access it. 

If want then tries to use any of these programs QuarkXpress, Adobe’s professional writing, and InCopy to access the INDD files. Make sure that you should use the ID2q plugin to accomplish the task. 

Mac QuarkXpress with ID2Q XTension

Adobe InDesign 2021

Adobe InCopy 2020

Windows QuarkXpress with ID2Q XTension

Adobe InDesign 2021

Adobe InCopy 2020

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