What is JFIF : How You can Open the File?

.JFIF file extension is a JPEG File Interchange Format. 

Format Binary
Type Raster Image Files
Ratings 🌟🌟 2.5

What is a .JFIF file Extension?


.JFIF file extension

JFIF file is a bitmap graphic designed to share images in the JPEG image compression algorithms. The format contains data files that the user cannot see or view. JPEG uses the lossy compression method to minimize the size and thus make the file worth it in every manner. The plus point of the file is users can easily modify the size according to their requirements. 

More about .JFIF file Extension

The files with .JFIF extension stores the lesser image data with depth, pixel width, density unit, color model, X density, pixel width, JFIF version, Y density, and pixel height. Sharing across different platforms gets easy when the size gets minimal. Therefore, using it turns out to be fun.  

JFIF format has been initially used in digital cameras due to the dynamic features it has. But, somehow it loses attention as JPEG gets advancement from the industry. JFIF format portrays several details that get disappeared in the JPEG format.

The file is capable to provide slight changes to the images. That in turn reduces the file size and users even cannot claim and examine the differences between original and JPEG. 

Important: If the .JPG images are saved as JFIF files then it may occur due to the Windows 10 updates. Therefore, you need to configure it by visiting the Windows Registry. Consider the guidelines and carry out the procedure. 

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How can I open a JFIF file?

Windows and macOS contain lots of applications and software that enable you to access the JFIF files. You can get into the table below to get all those applications. Also, drag the file into the preview if you want to access it there. Do the same and drag the file to the browser if you want to open the JFIF file there. 

More Programs

Mac Picture viewer

All web browser

Apple Preview

Windows Picture viewer

Microsoft Photos

Web browser

Final Take!

We have come with deep research before making this post on the JFIF file. The team has examined and verified the content so that you can get an accurate result from one platform only. Check out more information on other file formats if want to. 

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