What is JPG File Extension? & Steps To Launch It – (Full Guide)

The JPG file Extension is mostly used for Photos. If you encounter a file with .JPG Extension then this article will assist you in understanding the jpg file format and how to open it. So let’s begin.

An Introduction To JPG File Extension


The JPG file type is basically a format of a compressed image created by the (JPEG) Joint-Photographic-Experts-Group. This format is ideal to store digital photos. Furthermore, the file type JPG is more popular than the others such as .TIF, .GIF and .PNG file extension.

The JPEG algorithm used for processing the graphics data into the JPG files employs (DCT) Discrete Cosine Transform format. It is capable of supporting 16 million colors. Moreover, it also offers customizable compression that helps compress the raw image data up to 10:1 of its original size while avoiding any drastic reduction in the quality.

This is why the majority of programs, digital imaging devices and applications prefer filetype jpg format for the images. The JPG file format damages a part of the data from the image. However, it is invisible to human eyes. 

Since the JPG format enables users to share, high-quality images and is widely adopted to produce and share quality images, it is considered the most popular format for images available today.

  • Developer: Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • Category: Raster Image Files
  • Format: Binary

How To Open JPG File Extension?

Open JPG File Extension

Now that we know What is a jpg file and what does.jpg mean, let’s explore the software that supports jpg file type and the steps to open a jpg file. Check the supported software to open the JPG file below:

  • Microsoft Photos (Included In Windows)
  • Microsoft Paint (Windows)
  • Any Web Browser (Windows)
  • Apple Preview (Included In Mac)
  • Apple Photos (Mac)
  • Any Web Browser (Mac)
  • GIMP (Linux)
  • Any Web Browser (Linux)
  • Apple Photos (IOS)
  • Google Photos (IOS)
  • Google Drive (IOS)
  • File Viewer (Android)
  • Google Drive (Android)
  • Google Photos (Android)

The above-listed software supports the JPG file format and the steps to open the JPG file are simple, follow these:

  • First, ensure that your device has compatible software.
  • Then, locate the file with .JPG extension.
  • Finally, launch the JPG file and select the software to run it.

Are JPG And JPEG Same?

JPG File Extension VS JPEG

Both JPEG and JPG file formats look identical while the JPEG contains an extra letter. This is the only difference between them, despite it, the JPG and JPEG both are the same. The only reason they both have a slight difference in their name is that the early versions of Windows OS are no longer supporting the longer extension.

The JPG File Extension was initially launched as the JPEG file extension. However, back then windows OS mandated formats to have less than three letters. Thus, the name JPG developed. Since this restriction was not imposed on Mac. The Windows OS permits file formats to have longer file extensions.

Even though both file extensions are present today, they are exactly the same and can be renamed either JPG or JPEG without affecting their functionality.

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