How to Open 7Z files? [All About 7Z File Extension]


If you have files containing the .7Z extension, these are archives made by 7-zip software. The compression method is an open-source LMZA. The high compression rate makes it easy for you to save space on your hard disk. Also, files from the internet can be downloaded easily and conveniently because of 7Z files.

You can open these files only through unarchiving applications. I have illustrated some of the features and working of a few such applications, for specific Operating Systems.


For Windows

 Corel WinZip

How to open 7z file

This is one of the most widely used and reliable applications used for unzipping .7Z files. You can also compress large data files hence reducing the storage requirements of your system. You can unzip .7Z files existing in your system or from your downloads, to your desired destination folder or location. WinZip also has provisions for splitting media files like images and videos. Also, extracted files that are temporary are deleted.

You can also integrate WinZip with your socials, including Facebook and e-mail, thereby adding to easy accessibility options in terms of sharing files. Also, you can safely encrypt sensitive or important data and that too in compressed sizes to facilitate quick data transfer. The encryption used in WinZip is AES.

The main file extension of WinZip is.ZIP.



Open 7Z File on Windows

Similar to WinZip, it is an application used to decompress or unarchive .7Z files. You can also compress not only your.7Z files but also your multimedia files, or OBJ files, thereby saving considerable space on your primary storage. These files, if too large, can be segregated into volumes, and can be shared over e-mail. Also, you can protect all your files, including .7Z files with stunning password protection of 256 bits.

Another stunning aspect is that with the help of OS compatibility tools or applications, you can also run this on a device with Mac or Linux. A point to note here is that although WinRAR provides 40 days as a trial period, it can be used for free forever.

Its main file extension is.RAR.

For Mac


Swift Micro Stuffit Deluxe Mac

Open 7Z file on MAC

Swift Micro Stuffit Deluxe Mac is one of the most reliable unarchiving and archiving applications available for Mac OS. You can easily and conveniently open .7Z files using this application.

A lot of file formats can be operated on with the help of this application, like most compression and decompression applications are expected to. One of the most amazing features that are available here is one to drag and paste files at a specific location. From that location, you can share your desired TAR.GZ files to various cloud applications like Microsoft OneDrive. This is done by the tool known as Stuffit Destination.

You can also operate on various types of multimedia files using this application. Its main file extension is.SITX.

B1 Free Archiver

Open 7z File

This software is available in Windows, Android, and Linux as well. It provides an easy option for accessing .7Z files. You can also edit .7Z files without decompressing them. Like Corel WinZip,  the AES encryption has provisions for keeping your content safe through passwords.

You can also make split archives here. However, only .B1 and.Zip formats can be compressed using this application.

Its main file extension is .B1.

For Android


RARLAB RAR for Android

Open 7Z file on Android

This is an application specifically dedicated to Android devices for unarchiving, compressing, or operating on .7Z files and some similar file formats. There is a massive range of accessibility options available. For example, for .7Z files, you can set passwords or remove files after compressing. Also, you can make volumes of your desired sizes.

This application is considered by many users, as being more convenient than the traditional File Manager or File Viewer that comes with Android devices. Its main file extension is.RAR.


File Viewer

File Viewer for Android devices

This standard application .apk available in most Android devices can be used to access .7Z files. Also, the application can support a lot of other file formats as well. This application can be used to access hidden files and metadata as well, which is crucial for users who want to work on those. In case you have not got an inbuilt file manager in your system, you can always choose one from dozens to install, from the Play Store.

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