Open a JSON File on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android [Guide]

What is a JSON File?

How to open JSON File

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation can be defined as a file that represents the typical data structures and objects in JavaScript. These files can be edited using normal text editors (like Microsoft Notepad, Notepad++, etc.). However, they are text-based as well as lightweight and hence can be read.

These files are mainly used for exchanging data between web servers and web applications.

Standard Procedures

To open a JSON file in a given folder, you should first choose your desired text editor and then preferably make it the default application to do so. In a PC, if you want to follow this procedure, the steps are:

 Start Menu -> Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps

Once you are done setting the default application, it would be convenient to open the JSON files from then on.

I have illustrated some of the procedures for accessing or opening JSON files below.

For Windows

 Microsoft Notepad

open json file using Notepad

It is considered to be the simplest text editor available in Windows. However, it is so limited in its specifications that you can only use some menial editing features. This is where it falls short when its features are compared to those of WordPad or Word. However, its limitation is also its strength. Many users use Notepad for editing source code files or viewing plain text files owing to its simplicity. Further, various encoding methods, like big-endian Unicode, ANSI, UTF-8, are supported by Notepad.

Microsoft WordPad

Open Json File

Although WordPad does not come equipped with most of the features that MS Word does, it has way better specifications than Notepad. One of the highlights in WordPad is the provision for rich formatting where you can choose various font styles, set the line spacing, set colors to the fonts, etc. You can also copy or project pictures or drawings from Paint in WordPad. Further, it supports the .DOCX file extension format although the main extension manifests as .TXT.

For Mac

 Apple TextEdit

open json file on mac

This program comes with Mac OSX. This is a standard text editor where you can enjoy the benefits of various types of font formatting like indentation, font style, alignment, etc. It can open RTF (Rich Text Format) and XML category files, but you can also put in graphical files like audio or video files. The resulting file format, in this case, would be .RTFD. Also, various encoding methods like Western, Traditional Chinese, Unicode are supported here. TextEditor is undoubtedly simple and useful at the same time.


Open Json file

Although this text editor comes with Mac, it is based on the existing Vim from Unix. It comes with the standard features of Vim and in this case, an additional graphics interface that adds to the glamour and convenience. One of the main highlights about MacVim is that it supports a lot of programming languages. Although conveniently customizable, this editor is a bit complex. Its main file extension is .VIMRC.

For Linux


open json file on linux

This is considered to be one of the best text editors for Linux. It has extensive features that can be used for customization. You can create a command-line interface or work with a Graphical User Interface. Also, you can add a bunch of plug-ins to have a better experience. However, it might take you some time to get used to the text editor as it is kind of complex. Its main file extension is .TXT.

Mozilla Firefox

Json file extension

Mozilla Firefox can actually be used in all the three operating systems that I have mentioned above. Further, it can be used on iOS or Android devices. It comes equipped with a lot of useful tools and features like spelling checking and browsing on multiple tabs. You can customize your internet browsing experience in huge amounts because of this browser. Among the various file extensions that it supports, the main one is .XPT.

For Android


File Viewer

Open JSON File on Android

This is a standard app that comes in almost every Android device. It can support a lot of file formats. Further, you can access the metadata and hidden data in various files. In case you have not got an inbuilt file manager in your system, you can always choose one from dozens to install, from the Play Store.


To access or open .JSON files, you have got a wide array of options and that too in each operating system. You simply need to know the types of text editors available to use and then get one for yourself according to your desired accessibility features.

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