Open RAR File – What it is and How to Open RAR Folder

File Type Roshal Archive Compressed File  Aka’ RAR
Who Developed it Eugene Roshal
File Format Compression File Format
Identifying Character Hex: 52 61 72 21






RAR file ( Roshal Archive Compressed File) is actually a folder that contains multiple files and folders inside of it and compresses them to save disk space. RAR is a highly effective compression file format. RAR compression technique was developed by Eugene Roshal. RAR was officially released to the public in Sept 1993. Since the day of development till now RAR introduced many features like multithreaded compression and decompression, password protection to archives, multi-volume archives. RAR’s Windows version is owned by Alexander Roshal and known as WinRAR. Rights to development, distribution to the public in any form are owned by win.rar GmbH. RAR having GUI based software application for Windows OS and known as WinRAR and too have console application such as RAR and unrar. RAR and unrar console application tools are available for Linux, Windows, Mac platform. As we all know Windows and Macintosh operating systems use ZIP archive as a default compression technique because it is widely supported and open format.

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RAR file is pronounced as “rahr”. Basically, a RAR file is like a data container, that kept your multiple files like images, videos, audios, document files, .exe files, etc, and folders inside of it. It is the same as a general folder, where you hold kind of data inside of it to organize them. However, you can open a regular folder without installing any software but to open and extract a .rar folder you have to install special software WinRAR.

Why we need RAR Files?

RAR files compressed the size of the actual data. So it is used to share data on websites, email, So you can download these files faster.  Just imagine you wanted to share a long list of jpg files to your friend via the internet. Instead of uploading / attaching every single file you can compile all files in a RAR folder and easily upload all content in just one click, and your friend will able to download these files in just one click. After downloading the Rar folder your friend just needs to download a RAR opener software application to extract the content of RAR File.

Apart from saving disk space, download time, and efforts to download the data of RAR File, RAR files can also be encrypted and protected with the desired password so that the unwanted user can’t access your valuable data.

How to open RAR Files?

Windows don’t have an inbuilt facility to open RAR Folders. If you have a RAR file exist in your PC, If you double click the RAR file without installing specific software to open it, You will have a popup window on the computer screen where it is asking you to choose software from the list or having open to find the compatible software for RAR folder.

RAR is actual format of an archive program called WinRAR. The only disadvantage of the RAR software application is it is not free. WinRAR application also supports ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, and ARJ formats.

List of Software to open RAR files:

Windows Application

  • 7-Zip
  • WinOpener
  • Zip Extractor
  • PeaZip
  • jZip

Mac OS Application

  • The Unarchiver
  • Keka

iOS Application

  • iZip

Android Application

  • RAR

Opening RAR Files online

If you don’t want to install any new software to your machine. Don’t worry just open any internet web browser like chrome and search “Open RAR file online” and click the very first result available on the Chrome window and follow the instructions you are seeing on the computer screen. I would suggest UnZip-Online website to open RAR files.


If you have Google chrome book, So you don’t need to install any third-party software to open RAR files. Chrome OS natively supports RAR file extractions, the same Windows OS do with Zip Files.

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