What is RAR File Extension & How to Open it? – (Quick Guide)

Sometimes if you download an application on your system, or get an email, you may find the file having RAR File Extension. If you have no idea of a RAR file extension or how to open it then this brief post will assist you. So let’s begin.

Introduction To RAR File Extension


A RAR file is simply a folder that contains at least one or multiple compressed files. Generally, many companies and people use .RAR files for making their files smaller in size and easier to download. This way, in place of downloading the files individually, you can easily download them all at once.

The RAR format was developed in the 1990s by Eugene Roshal and since its launch, it has become a popular compression format just like the “.ZIP”. Although the RAR files are created using WinRAR Download, these files can be extracted and compressed using a variety of tools. 

To put it simply, the RAR extension file (short for Roshal Archive) is similar to a normal folder that contains images, docs, etc. The only thing that differentiates the .RAR File Extension from a normal folder is that it needs special software to extract and use its contents.

  • Developer: Eugene Roshal
  • Category: Compressed Files
  • Format: Binary

What is the Purpose of RAR Files?

Purpose Of RAR File Extension

You’re likely to encounter a RAR file while downloading the computer software. The purpose of the RAR File Extension is to reduce the file size so that users can download the file quickly.

Furthermore, it provides extra security to the content by allowing users to add passwords to their RAR Files. 

In addition, a .RAR File is also helpful if you wish to share multiple files in a single folder so that there is no need of downloading each picture individually. Now the questions come how to open RAR Files? Let’s explore.

Steps To Open RAR File Extension

A .rar opener can easily extract the files from a .RAR Extension File. Below are some of the .RAR opener software free and effective for opening a .RAR File. 

  • 7-Zip (Windows)
  • The Unarchiver (Mac)
  • PeaZip (Linux)
  • ComcSoft Corporation iZip (IOS)
  • RARLAB RAR (Android)

Since there are multiple .RAR openers available on the internet, we’ll discuss the general procedure to extract the RAR Files.

  • First, download and install .RAR Opener in accordance with your system.
  • Then, double-tap the .RAR Extension File and it will be launched.
  • Next, you’ll be able to locate the files under the .RAR Extension File.
  • Now, locate the “Extract” option and select the folder to extract your files.
  • Finally, you can access the data of the RAR File Extension.

Note: In case you find it difficult to extract the file after launching the software, follow these:

  • First, locate the .RAR Extension File.
  • Then. right-click on it.

Steps To Open RAR File Extension

  • Next, from the options, tap your .RAR opener software.
  • Finally, you can choose if you want to extract the files there or to a folder.

By undertaking these steps, you’ll be able to open files having .RAR Extension. Furthermore, some of the RAR files may also require a password to extract the files under it.

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