XLS File Extension – What is it & How to open XLS Format? (Quick Guide)

Ever encounter the XLS File Extension and got no idea about it? Today we’ll provide you with a complete introduction to the XLS file type and the procedure to launch it. So, let’s begin.

Quick Introduction To XLS File Extension


The XLS file format was introduced by Microsoft to work with the Microsoft Excel application in 1987. An XLS file is just a spreadsheet file by Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program. Furthermore, it consists of one or multiple worksheets that contain and present data in a tabular format. 

The XLS File can be seen in homes, businesses, and organizations because of the magnificent functionalities such as mathematical functions, formatting, charts, etc. 

Applications that support .XLS File Extension let users export the workbook data into a variety of formats, such as XLSX, CSV, PDF, XPS, HTML and more.

With the release of MS Excel 2007, the excel file extensions changed from XLS to XLSX. However, the latest software versions also let users create and view the XLS formats.

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Category: Spreadsheet Files
  • Format: Binary

Default Name For XLS Extension Files

Default Name For XLS File Extension

When saving an excel file extension, the file automatically saves as “Workbook1.xls” or “1.xls” etc. However, if you’re operating the Microsoft Excel version newer than 2007, the spreadsheet name will be “Workbook1.xlsx”.

How to Launch And Edit An XLS File Extension?

After discovering what is XLS, let’s look at the simplest way to launch and edit an .XLS File. Since it’s crucial to have software that supports the XLS File Extension, check below:

  • Microsoft Excel 365 (Windows Free-Trial)
  • LibreOffice (Windows)
  • Apple Numbers (Comes With Mac)
  • Microsoft Excel 365 (Mac Free-Trial)
  • Gnumeric (Linux)
  • LibreOffice (Linux)
  • Google Sheets (Web)
  • Microsoft Office (IOS)
  • Infraware Polaris Office (IOS)
  • Kingsoft WPS Office (Android)
  • Microsoft Excel (Android)

Now after you ensure one of the following software on your device, simply launch the .XLS file and the application will let you view the file and also edit the spreadsheet.

In case, you experience difficulty in launching the .XLS file, launch the software and browse your .XLS file. Furthermore, the XLS file may be password protected and may prompt you for credentials.

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